AML/ CFT Refreshers

Our Practical Training aims to assist you answer question like:

Are you aware of the latest developments in AML/CFT locally?

Do you know how to recognise and report suspicious transactions?

Do you understand and comply with your obligations regarding targeted financial sanctions?

What are the criminal offences for failure to comply with the AML/CFT framework?


Outline of course

: The course will tackle topics including:


General Overview of AML/CFT framework in MAuritius – The Risk based approach and the components


Reporting persons and their obligations – Latest Amendments to the local AML/CFT framework


Filling of suspicious transaction reports – Offences under AML/CFT laws

United Nations sanctionsAct

Overview of the United Nations Sanctions Act and obligations of reporting persons their under.

Independent Audit

Independent Audit Function as a vital element of effective compliance

For Whom?

MLRO, DMLRO, Compliance Officers, On- Boarding personnel, Corporate Administrators of Management companies, Financial Institutions, company service providers, Jewellers, Real Estate Agents, occupation under the financial intelligence and Anti Money Laundering Act