AML CFT for Senior Management Board Members

Our Practical Training aims to assist you answer question like:

Are you implementing your compliance programme effectively?

Are you assessing and implementing your MLRO’s/Compliance officer’s report effectively?

How does management respond to weeknesses identified in terms of AML/CFT risks?

Are the issues identified by your team members or independent AML auditor tracked and remediated in a timely and effective manner?

Rs 15000

Outline of course

: The course will tackle topics including:

Board Duties

Understanding the developing nature of the AML role  of the Board and associated risks of failing to comply

Risk Assessment

Board Members and Senior Management role in effective Business Risk Assessment from an AML/CFT perspective

AML/CFT Changes

Recent changes to the legistative and regulatory landscape which Board Members and Senior Management ought to be aware of


Understanding the extent of the personal liability for the Board Members in case of AML/CFT deficiencies

Remedial action

Executive liability for a compliance failure, possible scenarios, what are the next steps and damage control

For Whom?

Board of Directors, Senior Management Legal team/ legal counsel/ lawyer, MLRO/ DMLRO, Compliance officer