The Juristconsult Investment Summit

2022 Edition

Exploring Innovation, Sustainability & Investment Ecosystems in Mauritius

Innovation, Sustainable Financing & Investment Ecosystems in Mauritius are topics, coming at a crucial time, where companies are under increasing pressure to navigate within an unprecedented ecosystem.

This Summit covers various aspects and themes related to Wealth Management, ESG, Investment Funds, Protection of Investment – Litigation & Arbitration, Data Protection importance in Investments, Real Estate Investment & Sustainable Financing, Blockchain and the Mauritius IFC as a whole.

This Summit will share the challenges which companies & our jurisdiction face and will act as a platform for high level discussions by thought leaders. It is a Summit not to be missed by any business wishing to stay ahead of the industry, and lead on sustainability.

It is observed that the Investment Community is gradually gravitating towards sustainable investing, changing the position of this approach from being only an ‘alternative’ to mainstream. Sustainable Investment is taking the centre stage. Supported by innovations and the regulations, we bring together big leaders from various sectors to discuss on how to better harmonize and understand the current unprecedented situations. 

Event Topics

  • Wealth Management
  • Investment Funds + ESG
  • Protection of Investment – Litigation & Arbitration
  • Data Protection: Its importance in Investments
  • Blockchain
  • Real Estate Investment & Sustainable Financing
  • The future of the Mauritius IFC

Event Highlights