Director’s Duties & Responsibilities under Mauritian law

Our Practical Training aims to assist you answer question like:

Do you sit on the Board of a company?

What are your Duties and Responsibilities as a Director?

Would you be personally liable for the Taxes of the Company

What should you do if the Company is insolvent?

How should you handle Conflicts of Interest?


Outline of course

: The course will tackle topics including:

Conflict Management

An understanding of hoe to identify good governance and interupt assess, and manage corporate risk and conflicts

Risk Assessment

An understanding of Board members’ legal and regulatory challenges and evolving along with corporate governing risks


Understanding the process and implication of a Board Member in case of litigation

Legislative Framework

An in-depth understanding of the Companies Act 2001 for Board Members


Understand the extent of the personal liability of Board Members in case of shortcomings under Mauritian Laws

For Whom?

Board of Directors, Senior Management, Legal team/ Legal Counsel/ Lawyer, Designated MLRO/ Compliance Officer